A Christmas Prayer

Bright Holy God,
Tonight we are filled with longing.
We long for your power to fill our weakness,
we long for your triumph against our failures,
we long for your great wealth against our poverty,
we long for your light in this darkest of seasons.

And then, You come among us as an infant.
You come as one powerless, humble, small, vulnerable.
You fill us with awe and wonder.
You bring light of a different kind than we imagined.
You bring hope of a different sort than we desired,
You bring not what we ask, but what we need.

And so, in awe and wonder, we lift to you the great need of the world.

Like the prophets we long and hope for peace,
peace that might conquer anger and war and fear
We pray for peacemakers and peacekeepers,
for rulers, for politicians, for fighters, for older people and children…
for all who are caught up in conflict, in bitterness and danger…
We pray for peace and justice.

Mindful of all who followed the star, we pray on this night for travelers…
for those who are traveling home for Christmas,
for those who are traveling because they have no place,
no shelter they can call their own,
for those whose home is on the road.

Gathering together this night, we pray too for all who are sick,
and for those who care for them.
We pray for those grieve,
for those who spend this season
longing for loved ones gone before us into your kingdom.
Surround them with your love and peace this night.

Filled with anticipation, we pray for the children everywhere,
who anticipate the celebration of your birth with innocence and joy,
may those who have little be filled with good things,
may those who have much be humble and thankful.

We lift to you O God our own needs,
our own worries, our own hopes and dreams…
For we know that you meet our longing with gift of your love.

Emmanuel, God with us, heaven come down to earth,
Help us tonight to listen to the angels and not be afraid of you
Of your weakness or your glory.

Come, Holy helpless Jesus.
Come Word into flesh.
Come into our lives with joy. Amen.

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