#Reverb10 – Wonder

December 4 – Wonder. How did you cultivate a sense of wonder in your life this year? (Author: Jeffrey Davis)

How do I ever cultivate a sense of wonder?  I watch my kids.  They are the heart of it all, they teach me how to be amazed, they teach me to remember that this world is filled with amazing things every day.

Our latest sense of wonder began as we were taking out Christmas decorations and journeying through advent.  With our creches out and our advent calendar counting… we’ve begun to talk about Jesus…  Of course there is Santa too, but as a pastor I am the proud owner of a pile of Christmas books which all speak of Jesus in the manger and the true reason we celebrate this wonderful holiday.

One of our family stories of the birth of Thing #2, which I love to tell often, was a result of the constant reading of these stories, all though the last month of my pregnancy with our second child.  A was about a year and a half then, and was fully amazed with the baby Jesus as well as the coming child growing bigger and bigger in my belly.  So when Thing #2 arrived in mid-January and we left for the hospital, my mom who was staying home with Thing # 1 asked him what the baby’s name was.  She, of course, concerned with her laboring daughter, was thinking only of one baby.  But Thing #1 responded, as if there were no other answer to consider… “Jesus!”

As we flash forward now almost 3 years, Thing #2 has heard this story about his own birth, and his being named, if only for short time… Jesus.  Why should it surprise me then, that when we brought out the Christmas books and creches, Thing #2 started saying things like…”When I was the baby Jesus I slept in that barn right there.”  “When I was the baby Jesus I was just a little baby like this.” as he holds up our tiny creche Jesus.  “When I was the baby Jesus…”

What if we were all the baby Jesus…?  Perhaps we were…?  What I love about this is the wonder of it all.  The creativity of the mind of a child.  The way they think of things in ways we would never imagine.  The way it makes us wonder at the possibilities.  The way the mind of a child makes us wonder with joy.


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