#Reverb10 – Catching Up

Whew!  I reflected with some friends about #reverb10 a few days ago and they said, “I’m amazed you’d take something like this on in ADVENT!”  Yes, it’s true.  Sometimes I jump into the lake without thinking just how deep and wavy the water really is.  It’s just that, I love to swim!

The good news is, I’ve been true to my commitment and I have indeed been writing every day at 750words which has been a wonderful discipline during my advent season.  The words of encouragement which bubble up when you make that 750 word mark are so fun, and the metadata and statistics compiled on my writing are internally fascinating.  Check it out and start writing!

As for #reverb10: The prompts have brought up some wonderful reflections, some of which have been eye opening, but not all are for wider consumption.   AND, it’s not the best week to be writing anything other than my upcoming SERMON (stay tuned for that!)  So!  I’ll do my best but probably wont’ write on every prompt this week.  For this week, at least, I’ll have to pick and choose…  We’ll get back to the everyday blogging next week…



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