One word 2011 (beauty)

I had to really dig to find the word I chose to embody 2011, which gives an indication as to how much intention I have put into enacting that word throughout the last year. The good news, is that the intention I put in at the beginning somehow became rooted into my psyche and I do have some thoughts on how that word cropped up here and there throughout the last year.

The word I chose was “beauty,” although I also gave a nod to the word “create” in my post. Which is to say that I was not only thinking of the beauty that surrounds me throughout the world, but the beauty I participate in. Word-beauty, image-beauty, heart-beauty.

While there is always space for more, I did spend some significant time indulging in my long-dormant love for painting. I set up a space for my habit, spent a few days this fall painting with my boys on our sunny porch after school.

When I went away for a conference last spring I got a hotel room to myself and spent the evenings in quiet and surrounded with color, experimenting, painting, and coming home refreshed and joyous. I continued to indulge my poetic side, composing a couple of new poems (something I’ve not done in years.) And, in a flight of fancy, I joined the #arthousecoop and the #sketchbookproject 

While I didn’t indulge in museums the way I had hoped, I spent 3 weeks this year at my beloved parent’s home on Lake Michigan, soaking in each sunset and the curve of each wave. I went on hikes with the boys through the woods, I took the long way home more than once, and went to a couple of concerts. And one new highlight was a trip to Philadelphia, where we toured the city and took in the many murals that are scattered about in beautiful and interesting hiding places. Here are pictures of my favorite one, a tribute made by and dedicated to the homeless living on the streets of Philly:



Beauty is everywhere if we simply stop to notice it, and I hope to continue to do so into 2012 and beyond…  Where have you found beauty this year?


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