Reverb11 – better late than never!

Where the Question is Born, by Jan Richardson

Today is December 28. And I’m looking into how I might “reverb” this last week in December and into January. Last year, as many of you watched in wonder, I blogged (almost) daily through the month that brings one of the busiest seasons of church life in the year. It was fun, but a little bit crazy. I have told many of my close friends that at the end of December I found myself grumpy and out of sorts. Angry at my call and (perhaps) at God. Simply…not in a good place, and needing rest…

This year, I was very intentional about pacing myself. I tried hard to keep to having at least one full day off from church life, and to say no when I could. When I was involved in church activities that were not during my normal working hours, I reminded myself all the reasons I was there – and mostly it was because I truly enjoyed what I was doing (singing carols, anyone? eggnog with friends anyone?) I also decided, a little bit by default, not to participate in Reverb11 this year. Pressuring myself to blog was not in the cards.

But now, Christmas Day has come and gone, and given way into the season of Christmas (did you know Christmas is a SEASON!?) and I’ve been thinking that I could “Reverb” over the next couple weeks as a way of reflecting on 2011 and leaning into the birth of 2012. So, my reverberations are coming a bit later than others… so what?! I’ve never been all that prompt in life anyways…

Speaking of prompts… here are mine for the next few weeks:

1. One word for 2011: What was your word for 2011? How did it manifest itself?
2. One word for 2012: What will be your one word for 2012? What do you hope to find?
3. Ordinary Joy: What ordinary moment in 2011 brought you the most joy?
4. What matters to you most in the here and now? How will you nurture what matters in 2012?
5. 5 things: what are 5 small things that have brought you joy this year?
6. Letting Go: What did you have to let go of in 2011?
7. Where have you discovered community in 2011?
8. What was the best book you read in 2011?
9. Embody: This year, when did you feel most integrated with your body? How will you embody your dreams in 2012?
10. What was the wisest decision you made in 2011 and how did it play out?
11. Beauty: where do you find beauty? How will you seek out beauty in 2012?
12. Travel: what is one trip that was truly nourishing in 2011? Is there a trip you are planning for 2012?
13: Food: Describe a meal you had in 2011 that was truly great.
14. Gratitude: Meister Eckhart says that if the only prayer you say in your entire life is “Thank You” that would suffice. Who do you most want to thank in 2011?
15. What is your favorite quote or poem from 2011?
16. Healing: did you experience healing in 2011? How did it unfold?
17. Avoidance: Is there anything you didn’t do in 2011 because of fear, anxiety, procrastination or all of the above? Will you do it in 2012 or just let it go?
18. Dreams: what are three things you dream of completing in 2012? What’s your next step?
19. Dwell: what changes have you made in your home or workplace this year? What do you dream of doing to these spaces in 2012?
20. Risk: what have you risked in 2011? What will you risk in 2012?
21. Photo: Sift through all your photos from 2011. Chose a photo that most represents who you are, or who you strive to be. Who shot it, where was it, and what does it reveal about you?
22. What stories touched your heart this year? What have they motivated within you?
23. Friends: What one friend inspired you or changed your perspective this year?
24. Missing: what is missing in your life right now that you wish you cultivate in 2012?
25. Right to write: what will you do to give yourself the space to write more in 2012?

26. Anger: What has made you angry in 2011? How will you use that anger for fuel in 2012?
27. Forgiveness: how has forgiveness been given or received in 2011?
28. Children: what gifts have your children given you this year? What gifts will you gift them in 2012?
29. God’s love poured into us by the Holy Spirit: How will you surround yourself with God in 2012? What will you read? What will you do? Who will you listen to?

30. Passion and Opportunity: What is your greatest passion right now? Imagine some opportunities to indulge that passion in 2012…


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