It’s time…


Welcome Sign at Westminster, 1 year ago…

So, this blog has been dormant for a long time.  Looking back I see that the last post was a sermon from over one year ago.  The truth is that last post is from a time when I was in the midst of a professional search, considering leaving one beloved congregation for an opportunity and another soon-to-be beloved congregation.  It was, frankly, a time of discernment and a great deal of interior contemplation.  It was hard to place all or any of that in this blog for all eyes to see.

(I have a number of thoughts about the call process and the secretiveness that my denomination encourages, even demands, for those who are in that process, but that is another blog for another day…)

Now I am in a new context, new congregation, serving as a head of staff of a mid-sized congregation in Connecticut.  While leaving New York was hard, I feel more than ever that God has called me to this place, in this time, and so I am wonderfully grateful.

I’m also feeling that it’s time to revamp and renew this blogging thing.  There is much to write – so much going on in this world and so much to consider in ministry and family life… it’s time to start again.  Thanks to all who have read, and might read… I hope to hear from you again somewhere down the road.

Blessings abound, Amen?



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